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Stacia Keogh

My story is one of creative adventure… and running after someone else’s idea of ‘success’ until I redefined what success what power what value really is—for me. I come from a diverse and rich background in performance and teaching. I have created and told stories as a Performance Storyteller in the USA, Ireland and UK. What I learned as an Artist in Residence, Director and Actor working with diverse populations is how stories connect us to ourselves, each other, our history and help us envision our future. I came to London to learn technique ‘from the best’ and pursue my theatrical dream. You teach what you want to learn and I taught and examined with LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts). But my vision of success was so narrow even as I was enabling other to find their creative voice, I was ignoring mine. Working in businesses when a 'resting actor' with advertising agencies and production houses; notably J Walter Thompson, The Really Useful Group, Imagination and the Education Team at Kew Gardens; I got an inside view as to how corporate culture works and doesn't work. I learned what really makes a presentation land with people and how to perform in these environments. As a communications training associate with organisations from Kaplan to StartUp Discovery School I’ve covered subjects such as Personal Impact, Change Management, Team Building, Public Speaking, Business Storytelling and Pitching. It wasn’t until I stepped into a recording booth to bring characters to life in a video game I came back to life and realized this is what I love to give voice to ideas characters and stories. I also discovered a vibrant storytelling community, The Crick Crack Club, and furthered my knowledge of what story could be and do. My skill lies in showing you how to deliver jaw-dropping moments that illuminate your message to own the room. Use the power of your voice to create vivid pictures that leave a lasting impression delivering presentations to drive ACTION and create CHANGE

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