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Attract People with Your Story

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What I do

Showing you how to deliver jaw-dropping moments, illuminate your messages to captivate the room using your experiences and spoken authentically with your voice. Create vivid experiences & inspire ACTION!

Telling your story will enable you to resonate with your clients, inspire your team and connect with new markets.


Master Class Series 

You’ve probably been told storytelling is the best way to connect with people and inspire them to take action.


But how do you do it? If you are still talking about features and benefits or relying on stilted website copy generated by ChatGBT we need to talk! 

Your stories are valuable business assets if you shape and craft them with purpose.  Deliver them with intention.  Allow them to grow over time. They are living assets.

  • Craft the Perfect Pitch to tell the Story Of YOU!
  • Identify Your Stories & Messages
  • Learn to use your voice in a reliable, resonant, authentic way!
  • Speak with Clarity Focus and Flow on Panels, Podcasts and Interviews
  • Handle Q & A like a boss!

I offer a Small Group Workshops to get you ready to Step Into Your Voice and Unleash the Power of Your Voice


Follow Spot

Retained Group Coaching


Monthly for 3 Months Minimum

  • Twice monthly opportunity to practice and develop skills uncovered in SPOTLIGHT
  • Story and Metaphor 3 story structures and 5 Story Points Of View.
  • Somatic Practices: get out of your head and into your body
  • Interviews, Panels Q & A practice within the group on different topics
  • Go LIVE with me interviewing you on platform of your choice (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram)


Interviews Panels Podcasts


one-off cost

  • 4 Small Group Sessions 
  • Social Pitch Introduction
  • The Art of Q & A
  • Embodied Speaking Techniques for presence and style
  • Read the Room How to Engage an Audience moving them to Action
  • Workbook
  • 1:1 Coaching Session Follow Up
  • Group Connections & Practice with Humans!

1:1 Coaching

Telling Your Story connects you to your purpose and value like nothing else can.

Telling Your Story gives others permission to tell theirs.

I work with clients on their trailblazing signature talk. Using vocal techniques and Story Structures to amplify their authentic voice and tell their story so it resonates and ignites ACTION.

By working 1:1 we can tailor our work to take you from your current speaking level whether nervous novice or jaded professional with habits you need to address to truly free the storytelling trailblazer you are. You will experience tangible changes and progress over the coming weeks rather than months.


Discovery Call

Let's discuss your needs


30 minutes

  • 30 minute call to ask questions and discover how I can help you with your presentation skills, structure, delivery style and learn about your story



Best Selling Package


9 hours

  • Get clarity on your story, message and purpose
  • Learn embodied voice and body techniques to give you presence and power
  • How to Prepare Presentation with Confidence
  • Discover the 3 types of projection to land your message every time.
  • Structure Your Content Openings to Hook, Key message to amplify, Calls To Action which Ignite
  • Access to a toolkit of materials to use during and after


Killer Keynote 1:1

Bespoke to you


20 hours

  • Clarify your messages and purpose
  • Identify Your Key Stories Match to Key Messaging
  • Identifying Metaphors | Image | Challenge | Humour | Sensory Description as Golden Thread to Weave Throughout
  • Design a master Keynote 
  • Distill Elements into Micro Presenations
  • The Art of Listening and Linking for Q & A podcasts & panel speaking
  • Aligning with your audience to captivate & LEAD
  • Learn Somatic techniques to ground you in the present and think on your feet
  • Stagecraft for stage and camera
  • Access to a toolkit of materials to use during and after

Working with your Teams

Presentation Planning & Speaking 

Let’s grab the attention of people who value you, your vision, expertise and believe in your product.  Let’s put your story in the mouths and ears of people so you can gather your tribe and make an impact.  No more piecing together presentations with no idea of what works or putting in a lot of work and not getting the response you want. Speaking effectively and cohesively as individuals and together as a team will make a greater impact on your audiences and achieve bigger business goals for your organisation - and you!

Objectives of 4 Team Sessions:

  • Structuring your Content to be Clear, Attention Grabbing & Memorable
  • Know how to LISTEN to audience and engage them through the power of storytelling
  • Define the Key Message and Metaphor to serve as a gleaming detail to weave throughout stories
  • Use Your Voice Effectively Pitch, Tone, Volume, Clarity
  • Delivery techniques to dial in authenticity

Hire me as a Speaker

Stacia uses personal and traditional stories, client case studies and powerful questions to engage, empower and inspire your audience to think deeper and wider.  She is entertaining speaker with a wide knowledge and varied experience which she draws on to engage audience 

Book her to speak as she has on podcasts Focus on WHY, Women of Action, The Entreprenora Podcas‪t Lovelda Women of Power and in presentations for In & Around Canary Wharf, Sister Snog, City Women, Successful Mums in Business Summit, The 3 Counties Expo - business events in Luton and Watford

Telling Your Business Story
You’ve probably been told storytelling is the best way to connect with people and inspire them to take action. But how do you do it? You may have lots of stories, but which are relevant and how do you use them to illuminate your message? (interactive workshop component) 

The Wise Woman Within
After being steeped in this stereotype of powerful women as witches it’s time to take a look at these ‘old’ women banished to the margins and feared for their wisdom and see them in all their POWER

Change the Narrative
How do you rewrite the story?  What story are you telling yourself Lone Wolf, Starving Artist, Wounded Healer, Impostor? This talk is all about writing the next chapter.